Life is….

Day in day out year in year out….time flies extremely fast. Before you notice it, the children are all grown up and need you lesser and lesser. If not because of the food that you need to put on the table, you are no longer of the utmost importance to them. I can still remember around ten years ago when all three of them gathered around me during bedtime. We talked about almost everything under the sun. No one had any smartphone back then. All they need were looking at my smiling face, exchanging stories and finally reciting doa together. Oh how i miss the moments. Now…..i don’t even know w hat time they gobto bed. No one even comes and greet me good night each night. Well…life is like that. May Allah bless all my children. Today is aiman’s birthday. I miss him a lot. He’s in the hostel and i am not even able to say hi….to my dear children…wherever you


are, whatever you do….mummy will always, always love you……


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