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Hello world!

Life is not a bed of roses. How many of us are totally satisfied with our lives? Most of us aren’t. As we thrive these path of lives, happiness and sorrow come and go, we are intrigued with things as petty as where did i put my most important documents just now (misplaced things) to how long should i stay renting a house like this and when shall i buy one of my own. yes….everything requires thinking, and keep on thinking.

alas, in the midst of all these blundering thumbs-down daily dilly problems, there is only one thing which soothes me…. my own perfect blissful moments . there are things that brings me inside another people’s world which no money can buy. and i hope it is not such a cliche if i said that the things are books and movies. not just all types but certain ones.

therefore, in this blog i would love to share my feelings about things that inspire me most in life, things which make my routine life bearable, things which given all the happiness in the world, i will still choose this.

as for today, the first movie which inspires me is the movie which i have watched for almost 40-50 times, whereby i can actually remember most of the plots and words uttered by the casts. it is Forrest Gump. well, it’s late…. we’ll talk about it tomorrow. bye….








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